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How To Startup: What I Learned From Startup Weekend DC

Startup Weekend DC was an unbelievable experience that taught me how to take an idea from conception to fruition. Startups are conceived by building upon an idea and giving it life. Do you want to be part of this often unclear but always exciting business sector? Do you think you might have an entrepreneurial mindset? …

What I Learned From Researching the DC Tech/Startup Community

When I applied to UCDC, the program that let me live in DC for a few months and intern here at Spinnakr, there was only one thing listed on the cons side of my Pros/Cons list: a 20-25 page research paper. The good news: I could write about anything I wanted. The bad news: I …

Who does it best? Ranking the Proudly Made in DC Startups by Web Traffic Volume

The nation’s capitol is home to a very robust community of entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, designers, technologists and, of course, a lot of startups. In fact, D.C.’s tech scene is one of the best in the world (or the very best, depending on who you ask). Since the community is so active, so supportive, and so …

Three Great Tools for Building Twitter Connections

Results-driven social media marketing is a nut that’s really difficult to crack. You can put a lot of time into social and do everything right, and still see little return. Alternatively, you can put a little time in and be chin-deep in great results. Given the choice, I prefer the second of these options. Luckily, …

An Intern’s Guide to Thriving in Work & Life During the D.C. Summer

As you sit in your sweltering July sublet (possibly still without power, thanks to the derecho), you may find yourself assessing the progress of your summer goals. After all, this is the mid-point of the internship season, and an ideal time for reflection and assessment. Hopefully, you’re realizing how much you’ve learned and accomplished already and …

The Download: Can a billion-dollar tech company be built in D.C. alone?

Great coverage in the Washington Post about Spinnakr’s temporary relocation to Mountain View, California as part of the newest 500 Startups class.

D.C.: The Next Start-up Capital?

From Inc: “LivingSocial, Clearspring, and Opower are just a few of the more recognizable start-ups that are based in Washington, but ‘scrappy up-and-comers,’ like skeevisArts and Spinnakr are setting down their roots, too.”

Winning the Future by Starting Up America

In his plan for winning the future, President Obama called upon the private sector to help the American economy grow by “out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building our competitors.” The CEOs, university presidents, entrepreneurs, foundations, non-profits, and federal officials involved in the Startup America Partnership are trying to make that plan a reality. On Monday, the Obama …

NYTimes: In Washington, Revival of the Technology Scene

Spinnakr’s own Michael Mayernick quoted in this New York Times article about the revival of the DC Tech scene, for his work with ProudlyMadeInDC. Apart from being pleased with the exposure, this article is also a great beginner’s guide to the DC tech community – recommended reading for newcomers.

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