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Category Archives: Design

11 Skills You Need to Become a Fullstack Marketer & 23 Resources to Learn Them (plus a FREE eBook Download!)

This is a post in a series on fullstack marketing. You can download our ebook “The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing” below. The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing If you’ve been keeping up with our content, you should have a good idea of what a fullstack marketer is by now. If …

Is Flat Design Here to Stay?

Recently one of the most highly debated topics in web design has been whether or not the “flat design” movement is here to stay. Many feel that it is just the next fad in web development and will be replaced quickly when the next “cool” look is created. However, a study conducted by Usabilla found …

Practical Application Design: Has UX Gone Back to the Future?

Most individuals think about application design in a purely technical way and base most of their design decisions on other websites and applications, but what can we learn from the objects we interact with in our daily lives? If you look at your interactions with physical objects through a user experience lens then you will …

Tips for Excellent UI Design

When designing the latest and greatest websites most people focus on being “cool” and “different” than the next guy. However, the key to satisfying users is to focus on the UI (User Interface), or the usability, of your website or app to ensure that the platform is easy to use and understand. If your website …

Designing a New Spinnakr Mascot

While researching the 15 Cutest Startup Spirit Animals of All Time, we started to feel like something was missing in Spinnakr’s brand imagery. About the same time, we met Patrick Siren, founder of a new design firm called Spectr. When we talked to Spectr about our still vague goal, to have a nautical-theme-appropriate mascot that …

2 Ways Social Design Improves User Experience

“Great products and services depend on their users having great experiences. But it’s not about what users do or how they do it, but rather why. Why they do what they do, why they keep coming back and why they tell their friends.” – Eric Fisher A lot of companies feel compelled to deploy new …

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