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Category Archives: SEO

11 Skills You Need to Become a Fullstack Marketer & 23 Resources to Learn Them (plus a FREE eBook Download!)

This is a post in a series on fullstack marketing. You can download our ebook “The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing” below. The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing If you’ve been keeping up with our content, you should have a good idea of what a fullstack marketer is by now. If …

Rethinking Old Blog Content Under Hummingbird’s Watchful Eye

In digital marketing, there are some topics that are super fun and exciting to talk about (like social media trends), and some that aren’t as sexy. SEO is one of the not-so-sexy topics, but it’s incredibly important to your company’s overall content strategy, you can’t afford to ignore it. The easiest solution to improve your …

#SpinnakrTalks: 5 SEO Experts Weigh in on Hummingbird & Encrypted Search

A few days ago I wrote about Google’s recent changes: 100% encrypted search queries and the implementation of their new algorithm, Hummingbird. I also mentioned that Spinnakr would be starting a series of panels – #SpinnakrTalks – to bring together industry professionals, strategists and enthusiasts. Yesterday we held our first panel and discussed Google’s moves …

Google’s Hummingbird & Encrypted Search Changes Provide New Challenges to Digital Marketing

The Basics: All Encrypted Search on Google The web is abuzz with news of Google’s recent updates to search security. If you’re not aware, or are having trouble understanding, I’ll explain. In 2011 Google switched to encrypted search for anyone who was logged into a Google account. That meant any organic search queries (searched by …

Paid Ads: Why Startups Should Only Consider Them A Testing Ground

In recent years, social media has exploded into the front of consumers’ minds everywhere, and it has become a way of life for many.  Facebook touts nearly 700 million daily users on their network alone.  Companies and brands have rapidly started to take notice with 60% of companies adopting some type of inbound marketing initiatives …

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