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Category Archives: #SpinnakrTalks

SpinnakrTalks: 6 Fullstack Marketers Discuss The Future of Digital Marketing

When there’s something new on the horizon in the tech/startup world, our favorite thing to do is talk it into an oblivion. Last week’s SpinnakrTalks Panel was our foray into the realm of full-stack marketing as we spoke to 6 full-stack marketing experts about the future of our industry. I strongly believe that the rise …

Fullstack Marketers Are Changing The Game

Small Companies Need Employees with Horizontal Knowledge of the Marketing Stack Startups are their own breed – of everything. We pride ourselves on doing things differently, being efficient (or lean), highly technical, and intelligently skilled. At Spinnakr, we have an “all hands on deck” (is that a nautical pun?) attitude about almost everything because we’re …

#SpinnakrTalks Real Time Marketing: 6 Marketing Experts Tell Us How To Win at RTM

Before yesterday, if someone had played a word association game with me and said “real time marketing,” I would have replied “Oreo!” Little did I know, Oreo didn’t set the stage for real time marketing, it just raised the bar pretty high and unleashed a furious buzz around the term. As it turns out, Old …

Real Time Marketing in the Post-Oreo Era

Perhaps the most memorable moment from this year’s Superbowl wasn’t a touchdown or an incredible pass, but Oreo’s now famous tweet about “dunking in the dark.” With that single shot into the Twittersphere, Oreo set the real time marketing bar quite high. Thanks to the rise of second-screen media consumption – the idea that many …

#SpinnakrTalks: 5 SEO Experts Weigh in on Hummingbird & Encrypted Search

A few days ago I wrote about Google’s recent changes: 100% encrypted search queries and the implementation of their new algorithm, Hummingbird. I also mentioned that Spinnakr would be starting a series of panels – #SpinnakrTalks – to bring together industry professionals, strategists and enthusiasts. Yesterday we held our first panel and discussed Google’s moves …

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