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Get Upvotes on Hacker News through your Website with Spinnakr

When you post to HackerNews, your content goes on a new page. As it is read, it’s either commented on and voted up, or not. The content that isn’t upvoted is displaced by other posts and pushed further down into the Hacker News feed over time. The only way to keep from rolling off the …

Connect Likers to Your Facebook Page with Spinnakr

The effectiveness of Facebook marketing campaigns depends on fan engagement, which is usually measured in the form of “likes” and “shares.” Until now, the best option for increasing likes and shares were Facebook’s social plugins. But just adding the Facebook plugins to your website isn’t the most effective way to increase engagement. Their ubiquity makes them too easy to …

Spinnakr is a service that helps you target your
website's visitors to increase conversions.

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