Beyond Web Analytics: Specialized Analytics You Should Be Using, But Probably Aren’t

If you’re an entrepreneur or a start up, you’re probably using some kind of web analytics like Google Analytics to monitor traffic to your website. But are you using analytics to see who’s emailing you, calling you, or following you on social media? There are a ton of analytics sites that can help you collect data on pretty much everything.

Dropifi dropifi_wordpress_plugin

Dropifi offers a contact widget that can easily be added to a website so customers can email your business. Once the widget is installed, Dropifi analyzes the messages that are received for sentiment and purpose and searches social media sites for information on senders, such as their companies and locations. Dropifi also provides filters so emails regarding sales can be easily forwarded to that department, while customer service emails are only sent to the customer service department. Dropfi’s analytics track the number of emails that are received and show the number of emails that have been resolved. Business owners need to know what their customers need, and dropifi make it easy to find valuable insights from customer emails.


Postrocket makes software that helps businesses create and analyze their Facebook marketing. Postrocket’s features include an auto scheduler for posts, and tools that allow users to add text to photos. But Postrocket’s most important feature has to be its analytics, which uses Facebook Insightspostrocket_logo-600x303 data to create daily suggestions for your Facebook marketing. The auto scheduler also uses Pockrocket’s analytics to determine when your posts are the most effective, and applies that information to help you schedule future posts. While Facebook Insights provide much of the same data, Postrocket takes it a step further by interpreting it for you so your posts will be as successful as possible in the future. Postrocket knows that Facebook is a huge marketing opportunity, and often a missed one at that; so its insights are extremely valuable for any company who uses Facebook as its main platform.



RIngio’s pop up window

Ringio offers businesses an all-in-one phone solution that works over the cloud. Significantly, Ringio integrates itself with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to use the data about customers you already have. When customers call, Ringio opens a popup window with relevant information about the customer, such as when they last called and whom they talked to. The popup window also shows any notes other colleagues made when they talked to the same customer, and Ringio enables you to easily forward the call to another co-worker. As a result, Ringio creates a database about customers and tracks your interactions with them, making it easy to follow up with customers and close sales. The days of having to explain your situation multiple times to different employees will soon be far behind us.


Mailstrom helps you clean up your inbox by analyzing and sorting all of your emails. Mailstrom works with all the major email providers including Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Apple and Hotmail. After Mailstrom analyzes your inbox, it filters emails by sender, subject, and time; but also filters emails into categories such as social media and shopping.Mailstrom-My-Inbox Mailstrom makes it easy to see what email lists you’re subscribed to and can help you unsubscribe from those pesky lists you’re still subscribed to but no longer care about. When sorting by sender, Mailstrom shows a list of senders and how many of their emails are in your inbox. Then, you can click on a sender’s name which will oull up all of their emails, giving you can the option to delete, keep or archive. Think of Mailstrom as a tool to clean out your junk drawer – it knows what you don’t like and it prompts you to get rid of unecessary clutter. Mailstrom’s analytics make it easy to sort your inbox, optimizing your productivity.


As the name suggests, Tweeterspy is a product that will show you who is clicking on and retweeting your tweets. You simply add a piece of code to your website, and Tweeterspy will track how many clicks any tweets any one person is bringing to your site. Tweeterspy calls itself a reverse Bitly, and its analytics surely have the potential to be very powerful. Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 5.26.45 PMKnowing whose tweets are driving traffic to your site and seeing what they’ve tweeted (without having to check your archives in Hootsuite) can give businesses new and untapped insights into their Twitter presence and followers (hello, leads!). Tweeterspy makes it easy to discover who your influencers are and see exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Given the ever-growing importance of social media, Tweeterspy and Postrocket are two especially important social media analytics you should be using, but likely aren’t. Moreover, all five of these products provide different types of valuable analytics any startup or business could benefit from. Whether it is cleaning out your inbox so important emails are more visible, or providing better customer service over the phone, these analytics products are just waiting to be valuable tools in your business arsenal.

  • Prasad

    Hey Andrew, this is a good post, I was not aware of some of these services, will definitely give them a whirl. Have you looked at Rapportive? I think it deserves an honorable mention in this post as well!

    • Andrew Chin

      Hi Prasad,

      I actually have it installed in my inbox and just forgot about it. Thanks for mentioning it though!

  • FoodyTooty

    Good list that barely scratches the surface based on how quickly this market is growing. I think that there’s going to be a growing number of analytics services over the next few years because of how important it is and how there are so many gaps in the market. For instance, if you want to track ROI based on all of the types of advertising options that exist: search ads, display ads, content marketing, email marketing, social ads, and even buying likes (see how many companies are listed at alone) there’s no real good analytics option to track that. There are all types of other gaps in the web analytics market and I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of innovation specifically in this space over the next few years.

  • Bobby Garrett

    Great post. dropifi will be installed shortly. Thanks Andrew

    • Andrew Chin

      Thanks! Glad you found it interesting!


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