Spinnakr Brings Kickstarter to Your Project’s Website

Kickstarter is an amazing tool, but prospective pledgers can’t get all the information they want on Kickstarter, and can’t give money to Kickstarter through your website.

This is a huge problem, since the success or failure of crowd-funding projects often depends on what happens off the Kickstarter page, mainly because

  • It’s easy to fall off Kickstarter’s map. Eighty new projects are added to Kickstarter every day. The downside of this is that it doesn’t take long for your project to fall off the Discover page.  This means that unless your project is one of the few Staff Picks, or happens to be Popular this Week, it’s going to take some serious browsing or a direct link for pledgers to find your project.
  • You’re more than one project. Kickstarter mostly describes the finite project you’re raising money for, so potential pledgers don’t automatically see all the information about what makes you you, like past work, your inspiration, your team, and videos other than your pitch video.
  • Offline money doesn’t count towards your Kickstarer goal, and even if it did, Kickstarter doesn’t allow founders to invest in their own projects. Everyone who wants to support you must know this! Making sure that this is brought home to all of your friends, family and network every time they visit your website will maximize your chances of meeting your goal.

Spinnakr can make sure that your website works to help your Kickstarter project by targeting friends, fans, and potential pledgers to make sure they know all about your crowd-funding effort and exactly what you need to succeed. Spinnakr can

  • Change the content on your website automatically to show how much you lack in reaching your goal. With Spinnakr, you can automatically show anyone visiting your webpage that you’re raising money, that the whole investment is happening through Kickstarter, and you have only 36 days, 11 hours, and 13 minutes to raise the $19,000 remaining toward your goal.
  • Make sure that everyone who visits your website gets the tools they need to share your campaign with a pre-set message for Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  • Provide your pledgers with special updates about their rewards, so they never need to ask.
  • Show a special response to people coming to your website after reading about your project in Gizmodo, TechCrunch, or any other site. 

Spinnakr helps after your Kickstarter campaign too, changing the content on your home page to make sure that backers and pledgers get regular updates on the status of their rewards with messages that only they can see and customized content that nurtures your relationship so the pledgers who found you on Kickstarter stay happy, loyal, and keep coming back. To sign up or for more information, visit http://spinnakr.com.

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