5 Engaging Ways to Generate Case Studies & What to do With Them

image via sociable.co.uk

image via sociable.co.uk

Case studies are a great way to acquire new customers and are a major source of building credibility. Aside from a free trial, a case study is the best way to showcase to potential customers how some specific feature of your product/service will add value to their business. Last week, Eric Thomas discussed how “social proof” can influence the buying process, citing that 84% of consumers actively consider online reviews before making a purchase.

For B2B companies, a case study serves the same purpose as an ecommerce site’s online reviews. We know it’s important to host case studies on your site to aide prospects in the sales process, but how do you go about gathering case studies? Read More »

11 Skills You Need to Become a Fullstack Marketer & 23 Resources to Learn Them (plus a FREE eBook Download!)

This is a post in a series on fullstack marketing. You can download our ebook “The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing” below.

The Complete & Essential Guide to Fullstack Marketing

Full Stack Marketing Ebook Cover
  • This guide helps you quickstart your journey to develop the most important fullstack skills.

If you’ve been keeping up with our content, you should have a good idea of what a fullstack marketer is by now. If you haven’t been keeping up with our blog (tsk, tsk!) a fullstack marketer is a hybrid creative thinker and technical doer. He/she is a self-sustaining and highly efficient marketer who completes a variety of tasks each day ranging from brainstorming, building and activating campaigns, to using analytics to report and improve on them. The in-depth job of a fullstack marketer is no easy feat, so it’s no surprise that most have a full kit of tools, programs, and resourcs to help guide them through their work. Read More »

How SaaS Companies Can Use Social Proof to Boost Sales

Fact: “8/10 People Read Online Reviews Before Purchasing”

Image via themarketingbit.com

Image via themarketingbit.com

Customer service is becoming more and more important as we transform into a digitally social world. If you ask anyone in a service related or consumer field, they will tell you how unhappy the phrase “the customer is always right” makes them.  Luckily, in the tech realm, the customer does not always have to be right, but they always have to be happy. Let’s take a moment to think about the fact that 84% of Americans consider online reviews before making a purchase. By understanding how online reviews of physical products boosts sales on ecommerce sites, web/tech companies can leverage the same opportunities by clearly displaying case studies and success stories from happy customers. In short, social proof leads to sales. Read More »

6 Ways To Hack Conversions By Building Better Calls To Action

When it comes to CTAs, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm a prospect.

When it comes to CTAs, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm a prospect.

Calls to action are a web company’s best friend and closest ally. As you should know, calls to action are used to prompt a user or visitor to take some specific action; whether that’s to subscribe to a newsletter, download a piece of content, or start using a product. If done right, setting up appropriate calls to action are the most effective way to up conversions. Most importantly, your call to action statement has to be short and precise to be effective enough. If you want to win users, here are a few things you must do to make your calls to action more appealing.

As digital marketers, we’re all looking to convert leads into customers, Read More »

SpinnakrTalks: 6 Fullstack Marketers Discuss The Future of Digital Marketing

Scroll down to see the entire talk.

Scroll down to see the entire talk.

When there’s something new on the horizon in the tech/startup world, our favorite thing to do is talk it into an oblivion. Last week’s SpinnakrTalks Panel was our foray into the realm of full-stack marketing as we spoke to 6 full-stack marketing experts about the future of our industry. I strongly believe that the rise of the full-stack marketer reveals characteristic shifts of values in the industry as well as foreshadowing for the future. Scroll down to see the entire conversation.

The Panelists

Casey Armstrong (WebbROI)

Clement Delangue (Mention)

Wade Foster (Zapier)

Gonzalo Mannucci (Bislr)

Eric Metelka (G2 Crowd & fullstackmarketing.co)

Victor Ramayrat (Red8) Read More »

Fullstack Marketers Are Changing The Game

Small Companies Need Employees with Horizontal Knowledge of the Marketing Stack

When I become a bonafide fullstack marketer, I want this patch. Image.

When I become a bonafide fullstack marketer, I want this patch. Image

Startups are their own breed – of everything. We pride ourselves on doing things differently, being efficient (or lean), highly technical, and intelligently skilled. At Spinnakr, we have an “all hands on deck” (is that a nautical pun?) attitude about almost everything because we’re such a small team. We have to support each other and our growth with the 7 pairs of eyes and hands we have. Given that startups are unique, employees roles distinctly differ from the traditional roles of a business as well. While no tech startup could exist without a stellar team of developers, without marketing the world wouldn’t know about the product. But with so many channels and so much to keep up with online, a startup marketer must be a jack of all trades by nature. Read More »

Rethinking Old Blog Content Under Hummingbird’s Watchful Eye

In digital marketing, there are some topics that are super fun and exciting to talk about (like social media trends), and some that aren’t as sexy. SEO is one of the not-so-sexy topics, but it’s incredibly important to your company’s overall content strategy, you can’t afford to ignore it.

The easiest solution to improve your website’s overall SEO ranking is to add new content on a regular basis. This practice often involves extensive keyword research to ensure your brand has the best competitive positioning against other brands who are also producing tons of content. Now however, things are changing. With Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, searchers are supposed to be able to search for and find content using natural language and interrogative phrasing (who, what, where, when, how, why). Read More »

Email Marketing for Relationship Building: Getting Past the Customer Stage

94To infinity and beyond!

Content marketing. Email marketing. Depending on what corner of the internet you read, they’re either dead, or they’re thriving. From where I stand, I’d say they’re thriving. Well, “thriving” might not be the right word, but they are far from obsolete. Relationships still and will forever need to be built, and those two methods of marketing are the best ways a company can do so with their customer base.

However, there’s a bit of credence given to the nay-sayers out there. It’s true. Email marketing will not survive if it doesn’t evolve. And neither will content marketing. The two are essentially a match made in heaven. Together, customers become more than just customers. They become part of your network as a brand champion. Read More »

#SpinnakrTalks Real Time Marketing: 6 Marketing Experts Tell Us How To Win at RTM

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.07.57 PM

RTM as understood through Oreo’s iconic tweet.

Before yesterday, if someone had played a word association game with me and said “real time marketing,” I would have replied “Oreo!” Little did I know, Oreo didn’t set the stage for real time marketing, it just raised the bar pretty high and unleashed a furious buzz around the term. As it turns out, Old Spice, Netflix, and a handful of other companies had already introduced the concept of real time marketing to the digital world.

Yesterday, we hosted our second #SpinnakrTalks panel, this time focusing on real time marketing. Read More »

Real Time Marketing in the Post-Oreo Era

Warby Parker's real time marketing campaign before the Breaking Bad finale.

Warby Parker’s real time marketing campaign before the Breaking Bad finale.

Perhaps the most memorable moment from this year’s Superbowl wasn’t a touchdown or an incredible pass, but Oreo’s now famous tweet about “dunking in the dark.” With that single shot into the Twittersphere, Oreo set the real time marketing bar quite high. Thanks to the rise of second-screen media consumption – the idea that many people watch TV shows and events while simultaneously checking social media for updates and discussion points – Oreo captured the attention of the millions of football fans who were checking Twitter during the game’s blackout. Their tweet was clever, responsive, and helped them capitalize on a major opportunity. In short, it worked. After all, we’re still talking about it to this day. Read More »

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