• Gobi

    Great article, looking forward to hearing more on this subject!

  • Nilu


  • Noah

    Impressive work Navid!

  • http://www.engag.io/Abdallah Abdallah Al-Hakim

    I agree with the premise but it seems difficult to scale. If your email list is several thousands – then it is virtually impossible to assume that you can engage with all of them via social media.

    • http://twitter.com/adamsfallen Adam Bonnifield

      I sort of disagree with this actually. This is how I would think about it: There is some ROI associated with a prospect reading an email and clicking through to the site, measured against the cost of having to do the social engagement. Whether or not you send 100 emails or 1,000, if the ROI is the same, then it does not make it less sensible to do social engagement – it actually improves the prospective opportunity!

      To the extent I agree I would say it also increases the value of figuring out a more scalable way of achieving the same result. In other words, at extreme scale it might be worth building an app that automatically likes the pages or favorites the tweets of the the email recipient, for example.

      I agree this is an interesting challenge, but I wouldn’t be discouraged by it. After all, a “growth hacker’s” job is to discover new ways to take the personal and intimate and deliver value at scale. I wonder if Navid you’ve considered this challenge generally (how to do social engagement at extreme scale) – would be excellent to see another post tackling that challenge.

      • http://www.engag.io/Abdallah Abdallah Al-Hakim

        “worth building an app that automatically likes the pages or favorites the tweets of the the email recipient, for example.” I think that is a great idea but the caveat would be that it should look authentic and not too automated. The like or favourite would be the easiest to do. Obviously, real engagement (by which I mean commenting) is tougher to automate but perhaps it could be done on a cohort of people. I second your request for Navid to write a post about this :)

      • http://twitter.com/heynavid Navid Behroozi

        Definitely! Extreme scale social engagements is a challenge and in the right context can be a home run in the ninth inning. Cheers Abdallah, I’m on it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurenfairbanks Lauren Fairbanks

    Actually the app that Navid mentioned, Rapportive, allows you to “like”, “follow”, or link up with someone on LinkedIn directly from your Gmail inbox. Mailchimp actually already has an integration with them, though it doesn’t work in the way that would be necessary to scale the automation process with a large mailing list. http://blog.mailchimp.com/mailchimp-in-your-gmail-with-rapportive/

    I’d be curious to see how you’d scale social interaction and engagement. That’s one of those things that’s pretty obvious when it’s automated.

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  • LoreeRaine2

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