Foreign Language

Welcoming visitors in their own languages increased our foreign sales by 141%.
- Niko Robertson , CEO

Boost Foreign Sales and Conversions with Spinnakr

It makes sense that there’s a significant correlation between people understanding what you’re offering and buying or using it. 

Multi-language content is important because Internet usage and consumerism are on the rise in emerging markets. The trends in online content and user expectations are moving towards language diversity, particularly in the developing world where internet use is growing fastest. 

With Spinnakr, foreign visitors can be engaged easily when they arrive at your site because Spinnakr allows you to automatically 

  • Welcome foreign language speakers in their first language
  • Direct them to translations of your content, or web translators
  • Ask for likes or shares on their preferred social media sites, like RenRen or VKontakte
  • Direct visitors to partners closer to home
  • Provide special offers or help
  • Capitalize on top keywords in international markets
  • Provide measurements in the metric or Imperial system, and change prices to customer currency
  • Immediately identify shipping costs

Spinnakr helps you speak to everyone interested in your product in a way that makes sense to them, which is important because

  • 52% of non-native speaking consumers only buy products and services online when information is available in their first language
  • 56% of online shoppers say information provided in their language is more important to their purchasing decision than anything else
  • 82% of internet users say they're less likely to make an online purchase they want to make if information in their language isn’t available on site

Spinnakr helps you deal with these realities, with a simple and affordable way to engage visitors to your site meaningfully, no matter where they come from

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