Spinnakr helps us keep everyone in our candidate pipeline informed automatically.
- Michael Mayernick , Hiring Partner

Improve Online Recruiting with Spinnakr

In the U.S., there are more than 3 qualified and available candidates for every currently open position. Since most job-hunting takes place online, it's clear that on-site recruiting is a contributing factor to the disconnect between supply and demand on the job market.

When job-seekers click through to a company website, they don't usually land on your job page. Finding  a jobs page takes time, because most  company websites are made to be used by customers and prospects, rather than job-seekers.

Spinnakr optimizes your pages so it's designed for applicants and candidates too. By displaying customized messaging only when job seekers land on your site, Spinnakr makes the path from the landing page to application clear and easy to follow by

  • Showing special content about job openings to job seekers automatically, right on your home page
  • Providing messages to candidates from your alma mater or other schools with students you’re particularly interested in hiring
  • Making sure certain candidates see contact information that no one else can see 
  • Providing updates to applicants returning to your site once the position they applied to is filled

The results are increased efficiency, better applicant experiences, a nurtured pipeline of candidates, and reduced effort for human resources. 

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