Spinnakr is a great, easy-to-use tool for responding to press coverage.
- Demetri Kotsiko , Entrepreneur

Get more from your Reddit posts with Spinnakr (even if your post isn’t about cats!)

Reddit calls itself the “front page of the internet.” Considering it’s responsible for 2 billion page views from 34 million unique visitors every month, Reddit seems like an obvious place to promote and market your content.

The Problem: Redditors don’t Like to See Any Marketing Content

Marketing on Reddit—at least overtly or in the nonpaid sections—is lethal. Redditors want mostly to be amused and informed. They don’t want to feel spammed while they’re on the site, and thus have the power to “flag” and remove any content that seems promotional or bothersome.

To stay towards the front of the Reddit stream (and have the hope of making it to the front page) your post needs up votes. Up votes depend on two things: the popularity of the content and, even more importantly, the interest and interaction that content generates.

The Spinnakr Solution: Target Redditors with Clear Calls to Action

Assuming your content is Reddit-appropriate (read: cute, hilarious, interesting, relevant, or includes pictures of cats), Spinnakr can boost its popularity organically by starting a conversation with Redditors right from your website.

At Spinnakr, we’ve developed a way to detect Redditors when they arrive on your site. Spinnakr displays a message whenever a Redditor clicks through that says “Welcome, Redditor! We’d love an up vote if you think this post would interest others, and welcome your comments too!” The message allows Redditors to up vote your post, or comment on it, right from your website.
The effect is:

  • More posts on Reddit
  • More traffic
  • Higher search engine rankings

To start using Spinnakr for Reddit, or to learn more, visit

Imagine if Google Analytics could tell you exactly what to do.