Traffic Spike

Spinnakr is a great, easy-to-use tool for responding to press coverage.
- Demetri Kotsiko , Entrepreneur

Respond to Traffic Spikes in Real Time with Spinnakr Alerts

The biggest day for a website is when they get a sudden traffic spike – a flood of visitors from a news hit or review they weren’t expecting. In fact, these events send over 65% of the total traffic the average site will ever receive, making them hugely important.

The Problem: You Can’t Say Anything to Them

But the problem is that as important as these visitors are, by the time you’ve discovered they’re coming, it’s too late to do anything about them. By the time you’ve noticed the trafficin your analytics and taken action to change your website’s messaging, the spike is over and it’s too late.

Spinnakr’s Solution – Rapid Response System for Traffic Spikes

At Spinnakr we thought if we could build a way to get ahead of a traffic spike, then suddenly you would be able to capture the unique needs of an entirely new audience, and convert them to users or customers.

So we built a use-case focused on targeting visitors from traffic spikes. Here’s how it works:

  1. We monitor your web traffic and spot the moment you start getting a spike from a traffic source
  2. You get an instant email alert so you can respond no matter where you are.
  3. You can write a message that will instantly appear on your website only for those incoming visitors.

Sometimes you may decide not to respond to an alert. In that case, Spinnakr keeps working, analyzing your visitors, and getting smarter every hour based on the activity on your site, and making better recommendations.

How our customers use Spinnakr Alert:

To date the Spinnakr rapid response system has used to:

  • Provide visitors coming from top blog referrals with special offers that only they can see
  • Respond to negative press with a message that you wouldn’t want to share on your homepage.
  • Point visitors to more information about what they read on the referring site, reducing frustration and bounces
  • Engage foreign country visitors with messaging in their own language

So try it out – we think you’ll be surprised with the power that comes from knowing and being able to respond to a traffic spike in real time.

Imagine if Google Analytics could tell you exactly what to do.