Spinnakr is a great, easy-to-use tool for responding to press coverage.
- Demetri Kotsiko , Entrepreneur

Spinnakr Boosts Twitter Engagement Right from your Website

The quality of your content or offering is irrelevant if your brand is unknown. If you want something that’s linked to your website to reach a lot of people, Twitter is the platform where you’ll have the largest exposure. While Facebook may be the biggest social platform, far more links are shared on Twitter. It is possible to take advantage of Twitter’s massive amplification power, and to use its viral capabilities to your benefit - the first step is to get the attention of Twitter users with a specific call to action.

The problems?

  • A tweet doesn’t last long—it’s got the social media lifespan of a fruit fly. Once you’ve got the attention of a Twitter user, and they’ve sent a tweet, it’s visible to all their followers for about 2.3 minutes. Retweets extend its lifespan, but not by much.
  • When a Twitter user is on your site, their attention is not usually on Tweeting. The largest portion of their attention is on the reason they visited your site in the first place. The rest of their attention is vied for by all of the calls to action and the social plugins on your site. As a result, the likelihood of a viewer tweeting your content isn’t high, so you’re not likely to get the volume you need to permeate the far reaches of the Twitterverse with links back to your site.

In other words, fully extending your reach on Twitter is a high volume game—you need lots of tweets for every link you want shared.

Spinnakr’s Solution: To Target Your Twitter Users with Special Calls to Action.
Spinnakr allows you to automatically detect and target Twitter visitors, so you can make a strong, clear call-to-action that triples your reach.  Here’s how it works:

  • Spinnakr automatically detects each Twitter user who arrives to your website
  • Those visitors (and no one else) are shown a strong call-to-action asking them to share your content with a Tweet
  • Twitter users are far more likely to tweet about you, exposing your link to their followers (and opening the window for engagement)
  • No Twitter users clicking-through to your site miss the message, or get bogged down by lots of social plugins, so your reach potential is optimized.

The result is more Tweets about you and your offering, more exposure on Twitter and more links back to your site.

To start using Spinnakr for Twitter, or to learn more visit

Imagine if Google Analytics could tell you exactly what to do.