Spinnakr is a great, easy-to-use tool for responding to press coverage.
- Demetri Kotsiko , Entrepreneur

Get More Pins & Traffic from Pinterest with Spinnakr

Pinterest - the queen of visual, public bookmarking - is an ideal way to up your brand’s cool factor given that all pins are user-driven. What’s great about Pinterest is that any content users “pin” is automatically shared on the site’s homepage in real time, and is shown on the customized homepage of any user’s followers. Aside from exposure, Pinterest is a unique way to drive sales since users trust their peers’ opinions and personal taste, as sites like Yelp have proven over the years.

The Problem: Recent Pins Have a Short Lifespan

Especially true for Pinterest’s main page, Pins have an extremely short lifespan because they are shown in real time among the pins of Pinterest's 11 million+ users. The good news is that Pinners who click through to your site from Pinterest may be likely to pin content if they find it interesting, since Pinning allows content to be neatly and visually bookmarked.

The more “repins” a pin gets, the more likely this pin is to be seen by a vast audience across Pinterest. Too, users can link their Pinterest accounts to Facebook and Twitter which allows for further exposure and engagement.

Spinnakr’s Solution: Target Pinners With a Clear Call to Action

Assuming your content has been pinned on Pinterest, Spinnakr can boost its popularity organically by starting a conversation with Pinterest-users right from your website.

When a Pinterest user clicks a pin, she is likely to do 1 of 2 things: either “repin,” or click the pin once more which which navigates to your website. At Spinnakr, we developed a way to detect Pinterest users when they arrive on your site. Rather than the “Pin It” button being hidden amongst other social media plugins on your site, Spinnakr displays a message whenever a Pinterest-user clicks through that says “Welcome, Pinner! Pin this if you think it would interest others!” The message allows Pinterest users to “pin” your post right from your website.
The effect is:

  • More pins, and thus more repins
  • More traffic
  • Higher search engine rankings

To start using Spinnakr for Pinterest, or to learn more, visit

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