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- Adam Bonnifield , Principal

Spinnakr Brings New Traffic to Your Content with StumbleUpon

There are lots of compelling reasons for digital marketers to use StumbleUpon. In fact, for certain kinds of content – it’s the largest source of social media driven traffic in the U.S.; it’s responsible for more than half of all social traffic; it’s uniquely good at reviving old material; and it drives traffic to your content for a longer period than any other social site.

The Problem: Your Content Needs to be Posted to SU by Someone Else

With StumbleUpon, there are lots of reasons why it’s better to have others post your content than to post it yourself; the biggest being that StumbleUpon imposes a posting limit for links from your own domain. One too many of your own posts will get you a suspension, while more than one too many can result in termination of your account.

The next biggest reason is that StumbleUpon isn’t as familiar as other social sites, so if your only call-to-action for StumbleUpon users is a plugin (especially if it’s surrounded by plugins and buttons for other, more popular social sites), it’s not likely to catch the attention of a Stumbler.

The Spinnakr Solution: Target Stumblers with a Clear Call to Action

At Spinnakr we built a way to automatically detect and target Stumblers with clear calls-to-action. When a Stumbler appears on your site, Spinnakr displays a targeted message (that only they can see) as an overlay that catches their attention and asks them to share and “thumbs-up” your content, multiplying the number of times content is posted to StumbleUpon by 300%. The effects are:

  • More posts to StumbleUpon,
  • More traffic from StumbleUpon, and
  • More thumbs up for your content once it’s posted

By identifying and targeting Stumblers on your website, Spinnakr helps you fully capture the benefits of SU’s massive referral traffic.

To start using Spinnakr for StumbleUpon or to learn more, visit

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