Spinnakr is a great, easy-to-use tool for responding to press coverage.
- Demetri Kotsiko , Entrepreneur

Get More Subscribers on YouTube with Spinnakr

As one of the first big sharing sites, YouTube is both widely used and held to a high esteem. Having a YouTube channel to which your audience can subscribe is a great way to grow your brand and promote audience loyalty. With over 800 million unique visitors each month, YouTube is a fantastic forum for sharing multimedia content.

The Problem: Converting YouTube Subscribers to Your Actual Website
Anyone can put links to their website in the description box beneath videos, in the info section of their YT Channel, or as an annotation within a video. YT video audiences are constantly confronted with pleas for “Thumbs Ups,” comments, and subscribes because they all increase search rankings. Since much activity happens on YT itself, the tricky part is getting your audience to be engaged after arriving at your site. Once a YouTuber has clicked through to your site, his/her attention is being pulled in multiple directions by various social media plugins.

Spinnakr’s Solution: Target YouTubers with Streamlined Calls to Action

At Spinnakr, we’ve developed a way to detect YouTubers when they arrive at your site. Spinnakr displays a message whenever a YouTube-user clicks through that says “Welcome, YouTuber! We’d love a “thumbs up” if you think this video would interest others!” The message allows YouTubers to up vote your video right from your website. The effect is:


  • More votes, leading to more subscribers
  • More traffic
  • Higher search rankings on YouTube and Google

To start using Spinnakr for YouTube, or to learn more, visit

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